E-commerce logistics

Flexible and evolving solutions for taking up the e-commerce challenge.

We are a specialised service provider in e-logistics. Our main concern is to deliver the clients of our clients guaranteing controlled costs, high quality services (zero defect preparation, guaranteed delivery delay, precise stock management) and flexibility for handling the whole order flow.

Upstream logistics

Downstream logistics

The advantages of our logistic support

Everyday,  Maisonhaute Logistics works hard on guaranteeing : a high quality of solutions, a controlled cost and the respect of processing delays.


Room-temperature and refrigerated storage solutions tailored to all products.

All products storage

We process raw materials, end products and semi-end products, pieces in kit, in standard format and out-of-standard.

Tailored solutions

Our engineering team analyses the needs and offers adapted and evolving optimized processes.


Des prestations de stockage à température ambiante, contrôlée et dirigée adaptées à vos produits

Stockage tous produits

Nous traitons des matières premières, des produits finis, semi-finis, des pièces détachées, des pièces au format standard ou hors-gabarit

Des prestations personnalisées

Notre équipe d’ingénierie étudie vos besoins et vous propose des process adaptés et évolutifs optimisés.

Groupe Maisonhaute, e-commerce logistics service supplier

Optimise your logistics flows by outsourcing your e-logistics. Our logisticians use their expertise for guiding e-businesses in the management of their logistics processes. Our 30 years experience gives us a great control of each sector stakes.

We are deeply involved into getting into a more eco-friendly logistic. Our ambitious familial culture led us to develop our companies by focusing on human, digital and environment, a real added value for our clients.

Simplify e-commerce logistics

The strengths of our logistic offer lies on ready for use services. Our experts guide companies in the whole logistics chain. You won’t need to worry anymore about stock management and parcel preparation. We drive the whole logistic of your online shop :

Benefit from the best technologies with our e-logistics solutions for stock management and get a the current stock state control in real time and anticipate fluctuations. Today, our logistic choices have an impact on the long-term company’s growth.

Fully personalised, our offer adapts to technical and financial contraints for improving the e-commerce logistic chain control.

Improve client satisfaction

Lighten the workload of your employees. Outsource your e-commerce logistic will allow you to focus on your core business and develop it while having the best client satisfaction.

Our client experience is the main concern for creating customer loyalty. By relying on a team of professional logisticians, you will be certain that parcels are prepared fast, with mistakes and delivered within the best time. We also offer a reverse logistics service (after-sales service).