Industrial Logistics

We ensure production operations according to your specifications and with a continual improvement concern. 

Maisonhaute Logistics handles your production logistic. In short, we manage all your materials and resources flows such as the raw materials, components or consumables of your suppliers : from kitting interventions to factory floor or supply chain of your clients.

If you decide to outsource your industrial logistics, you will benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Upstream logistics

Downstream logistics

The advantages of our logistic support

Everyday,  Maisonhaute Logistics works hard on guaranteeing : a high quality of solutions, a controlled cost and the respect of processing delays.


Room-temperature and refrigerated storage solutions tailored to all products.

All products storage

We process raw materials, end products and semi-end products, pieces in kit, in standard format and out-of-standard.

Tailored solutions

Our engineering team analyses the needs and offers adapted and evolving optimized processes.


Des prestations de stockage à température ambiante, contrôlée et dirigée adaptées à vos produits

Stockage tous produits

Nous traitons des matières premières, des produits finis, semi-finis, des pièces détachées, des pièces au format standard ou hors-gabarit

Des prestations personnalisées

Notre équipe d’ingénierie étudie vos besoins et vous propose des process adaptés et évolutifs optimisés.

What's industrial logistics?

Industrial Logistics definition

Industrial Logistics means smart production flow management. It applies to an important number of product organisation and production sites (warehouse, workshop, industrial shelving, …) as well as logistic platform such as upstream warehouses (warehouse of raw materials or consumables) and downstream warehouses (end products storage). 

Industrial logistics lies on procedure optimisation. Logistician’s work is, then, to coordinate and drive logistic aiming to guarantee permanent availability of essential composants for production. It includes stock management and delivery time for end products.  

What are the different types of logistics?

Supply chain

Including purchase management and raw materials forwarding;

Production logistics

Goods transformation and packaging

Logistics with storage management

Distribution logistics

Goods forwarding and delivery

What is the role of logistics for an industrial company?

Logistics is essential for a company. It helps with managing production flows optimally. It aims to reinforce the logistics organisation for industrial companies thansk to the supply chain optimisation.

It influences directly performance and profit as it applies on supply chain and packaging.

Maisonhaute group, your logistics expert :

Industrial logistics company right beside this sector stakeholders since 1991. Our 30 years experience made us acquiere a strong experience in logistics and road transportation of goods. So much that our teams can anticipate and foil all logistics constraints, being :