Our food-industry distribution logistics

Maisonhaute Logistics offers a wide range of room-temperature and refrigerated logistics solutions.

Our distribution logistic

Maisonhaute Logistics handles your food-industry distribution logistics in its hubs. Our knowledge of your needs (B2B, B2C, e-commerce) gives us the opportunity to offer customized services compliant with your request.

Upstream logistics

Downstream logistics

The advantages of our logistic support

Everyday,  Maisonhaute Logistics works hard on guaranteeing : a high quality of solutions, a controlled cost and the respect of processing delays.


Room-temperature and refrigerated storage solutions tailored to all products.

All products storage

We process raw materials, end products and semi-end products, pieces in kit, in standard format and out-of-standard.

Tailored solutions

Our engineering team analyses the needs and offers adapted and evolving optimized processes.


Des prestations de stockage à température ambiante, contrôlée et dirigée adaptées à vos produits

Stockage tous produits

Nous traitons des matières premières, des produits finis, semi-finis, des pièces détachées, des pièces au format standard ou hors-gabarit

Des prestations personnalisées

Notre équipe d’ingénierie étudie vos besoins et vous propose des process adaptés et évolutifs optimisés.

What are food-industry distribution logistics specificities ? 

Food-industry distribution logistics requires tailored and personnalised processes for answering all specifications made essential for the food industry.

The food-industry distribution logistics specificities lies on perishable foodstuff management. It means managing physical goods flow along the overall food supply chain.

Groupe Maisonhaute, the expert of food-industry distribution logistics

With precision and transparency, Groupe Maisonhaute ensures your supply chain management for food industries, nationally and internationally. We manage and optimise our distribution flows by offering personnalised logistics solutions to the delivery of distribution spots.

Strategic, the supply chain includes full services in compliance with food industry concerns in order to master flows by getting full visibilty. Our logistics solutions adapt to the complexity of supply chains (tracking requirements, flow fragmentation, demand versatility…) and respect the RSE criteria.

What are the food-industry distribution logistics challenges? 

Guarantee a tailored storage capacity

Food industry companies have greatly diversified their offers, which require to adapt storage capacity. The usage of automated storage and recovery systems (ASRS) makes available storage capacity optimisation and supply chain rationnalisation possible.

Robotise the different logistics processes improves, then, food chain security facing item code numbers increase.

Ensure product faultless tracking

Food-industry distribution logistics requires a quality tracking on the whole production and distribution chain with temperature and humidity check. 

Assurance of quality for consumers, food tracking is under EFSA control (European Food Security Authority). It ensures logistics practices and processes compliance. 

Respect and Master quality norm

Food-industry distribution logistics is an industry particularly regulated to prevent health risks.

Then, guarantee food product security over transport and distribution is the main challenge of logistics in food industry.

Improve stock control

For transport as much as for storage, perishable product management is a major food-industry distribution logistics concern.

WMS technology performance ensures storage control in real time for anticipating stock variations and improving supply planification.