Respect of human, goods, products and environment

Respect of men and women, infrastuctures, products and environment.

Groupe Maisonhaute has developped a know-how based on reactivity and innovation. We offer our clients a tailored service, matching specifications. Our development policy is based on 3 strategical lines.

Consequently, our quality management leans on these approaches aiming for : meeting the legal requirements, improving our performance and satisfying the clients expectations.


High quality services


Security of products, infrastructures and man.


Our environment preservation


clients' satisfaction


2022 objective
IFS Logistics certification process


work-related accident between 2020 and 2021


CO2 emission reduction in 2020
Subscriber of the voluntary commitment for reducing C02 emission.


Quality charter

Since the company’s creation, our main goal is clients satisfaction. We are commited to continual improvement. Accordingly, our quality management policy has been set up with the aim of meeting legal requirements and complying with the specifications of ISO 9001 and IFS Logistics standards.

In accordance with the indicators defined with the clients, we measure each operation performance. Thanks to weekly internal audits, we are able to spot any potential problems and to set up quickly a corrective action plan.

In the interest of efficience and performance, we use work organisational methods such as 5S and visual workflow management.


Security charter

Our employees and products security is also one of our priority. It leans on ISO 45001, DUERP, HACCP and Food defense standards. Nous évaluons régulièrement les risques au sein des postes de travail et venant de l’extérieur pour mettre en place des plans de prévention. Plus, we have a performant caretaking system dedicated to goods safety.

We act as well for our teams health in offering a safe work environment and for reducing potential work-related accident by raising awareness around risks. We also encourage employees’ development thanks to formations in accordance with their skills and motivations.


Our commitment for environment

Highly-involved in environment preservation and energy saving, our policy references are ISO 14001 and 50001 standards. Thus, we measure, drive and have at your disposal an auditable system for analysing the efficiency of our actions for reducing our carbon footprint, energy consumption and generation of waste.

CO2 Objective charter

CO2 Objective charter subscriber for 2021-2023 period, we are concretely committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.