Reduce tireness and accidents by using the right gestures and postures

On 22nd December, our logistic and admin teams followed a training about gestures and postures. During a morning, our order pickers, fork-lift operators, quay managers, logistics assistants, accountants and invoicing assistants have been made aware of risks and handling accidents in an interactive way. ✅ Bénédicte Ménard, our quality, safety and risk management advisor at QHSE Concept, has questionned usual postures and then showed them gestures and postures for reducing tireness and the accident frequency. Our colleagues came out enriched by this training : concrete notions aiming to ensure health and security every day were given to them.

Soon, our truck drivers are going to participate as well to a training applicable to their job.

Simultaneously, booklets about everyday life stretching exercises have been distributed to all employees. Our QSRM goes regularly in department to ensure these exercises are done daily. ✨🙏